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Purpose and Historical Background


The Zola Cooper Lee T Nesbitt Clinical and Dermatopathologic Seminar is an educational organization designed to promote continuous excellence in the field of clinical dermatology and dermatopathology.
Tax exempt contributions are welcome.  The Seminar’s Federal Tax Identification Number is 30-0232262.  Contributions can be made payable to:
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Historical Background:  

    As Dr. Jim Burks relates in the 1956 program, it was suggested at the 1953 meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology that a group of Southern dermatologists consider organizing a dermatopathologic seminar with the Southern Medical Association, similar to the seminar held with the meeting of the Pacific Dermatologic Association.  Dr. Burks became the leader of this effort to organize such a seminar, one of the first ever organized in this specialty as a continuing education program.  In introducing Dr. Walter Nickel as the guest in 1958, Dr. Burks stated of Dr. Nickel “the creator and director of the CPC of the PDA for 10 years is largely responsible for the creation of this, the Zola Cooper Seminar.” 
The 1954 meeting of the Southern Medical Association was scheduled in St. Louis.  Dr. Burks sought the help of Zola K. Cooper, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Pathology and Assistant Professor of Medicine (Dermatology) at Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, and Consultant Pathologist to the Barnard Free Skin and Cancer Hospital.  (She also served on the faculty of the University of Oklahoma School of Medicine from 1946 - 1949).  Although Dr. Cooper was not a physician, she had become an expert in the knowledge and diagnosis of skin diseases.  She was one of the foremost authorities in Dermatopathology.  She devoted much of her time in 1953 and 1954 to the planned Seminar and was to have served as the first guest moderator.  She was found dead in her room on October 23, 1954.  Upon her untimely death, Dr. Hamilton Montgomery was selected to be on the panel of the first meeting in 1954.  Others participating included Dr. Francis Lynch, the guest dermatologist of the Section on Dermatology; Dr. John H. Lamb of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma; Dr. Francis A. Ellis of Baltimore, Maryland; Dr. Morris Waisman of Tampa, Florida; Dr. Joseph M. Hitch of Raleigh, North Carolina; and Dr. Ed Cawley of Charlottesville, Virginia.
Dr. James W. Burks, III, eminent dermatologist, pioneer dermatologic surgeon, member of the faculty of Tulane University School of Medicine, teacher, friend, and devoted deep-sea fisherman, was the founder, and then the Director and Moderator of the Zola Cooper Seminar for the remainder of his life.  He died after fighting a blue marlin on a deep-sea expedition on July 27, 1978.  Jim had many interests, but he remained dedicated to the Zola Cooper Seminar.  He co-moderated every meeting, remained firmly but gently in control as moderator, and always finished the discussion of cases on time.  He was generous in giving credit to others, careful to enroll the aid of worthy contributors, and dedicated to maintaining the goal of the Seminar as a practical continuing educational exercise for the practicing physician.  His associates, Dr. John Yarborough, Dr. Gary Brown, and Dr. George A. Farber contributed significantly as well.  Virtually every prominent name in Dermatopathology has participated at least once in this Seminar.  After Dr. Burks’ death, the name of the Seminar was revised to the “James W. Burks-Zola Cooper Memorial Clinicopathologic Seminar” under the direction of George A. Farber, M.D.
In 1984, the Seminar was reorganized as a new organization, continuing the affiliation with the Southern Medical Association.  For 10 years it was presented as the Clinical and Dermatopathologic Seminar.  It is with great pleasure that by general agreement we can again honor the memory and pioneering work of Dr. Zola Cooper by presenting the Seminar as the “Zola Cooper Seminar presented in memory of its founder, James W. Burks, III, M.D.”  Also honored are seven other long-time contributors to the Seminar who have each served significantly in continuing the Burks tradition, four of whom have participated for 35 or more years each.  Dr. Herbert Christianson was a Co-Director and Moderator from 1962 until his death; Dr. Wallace Clark contributed as a key Dermatopathology panel member and “faculty moderator” at a critical time in the development of the Seminar from 1958 - 1973; Dr. Robert G. Freeman began participating in the Seminar in 1959, and he was the President and Director from 1984 - 1994; Dr. Richard J. Reed has been panel member, host, moderator, and significant contributor since 1963; Dr. Morris Waisman was a panelist and Director of the Seminar from its inception in 1954 and was involved until his death; Dr. Marvin E. Chernosky was a long-time contributor, Director, Secretary-Treasurer and moderator from 1984 - 1995; and Dr. Robert Fine has been a generous contributor of cases and knowledge for many years. 

The 48th Zola Cooper Seminar was represented in Maui, Hawaii, in January, and the 49th, 50th, and 51st  Annual Seminars were presented in conjunction with the Fall meeting of the Louisiana Dermatological Society in New Orleans, Louisiana.  The 52nd, 53rd, and 54th seminars were held in conjunction with the Southern Medical Association in San Antonio, Texas, Charlotte, North Carolina, and New Orleans, Louisiana. The 55th was held in New Orleans with the combined meeting of Louisiana and Texas dermatology societies. The 56th was held in conjunction with the Texas Dermatology Society. The 57th -61st were in New Orleans with the Louisiana Dermatology Society.

The 62nd annual seminar will be in conjunction with the Louisiana Dermatology Society on November 14th, Dr. Marro Peters will be the guest dermatopathologist.


Past Honored Guest Dermatopathologists

1954                                  Hamilton Montgomery, M.D.
1955                                  Marcus Caro, M.D.
1956                                  Herman Beerman, M.D.
1957                                  J. Walter Wilson, M.D.
1958                                  Walter R. Nickel, M.D.
1959                                  Walter F. Lever, M.D.
1960                                  Hamilton Montgomery, M.D.
1961                                  Richard Stoughton, M.D.
1962                                  Frederick J. Szymanski, M.D.
1963                                  Richard K. Winkelman, M.D.
1964                                  Robert W. Goltz, M.D.
1965                                  Herman Beerman, M.D.
1966                                  Elson B. Helwig, M.D.
1967                                  Hermann Pinkus, M.D.
1968                                  James H. Graham, M.D.
1969                                  Arthur Hyman, M.D.
1970                                  Louis Winer, M.D.
1971                                  Herbert Z. Lund, M.D.
1972                                  Daniel Richfield, M.D.
1973                                  Lewis Shapiro, M.D.
1974                                  Waine C. Johnson, M.D.
1975                                  Robert W. Goltz, M.D.
1976                                  Walter R. Nickel, M.D.
1977                                  Edward Wilson-Jones, M.D.
1978                                  A. Bernard Ackerman, M.D.
1979                                  John T. Headington, M.D.
1980                                  Loren E. Golitz, M.D.
1981                                  Amir H. Mehregan, M.D.
1982                                  Martin Brownstein, M.D.
1983                                  Wilma Bergfeld, M.D.
1984                                  Ronald J. Barr, M.D.
1985                                  William A. Caro, M.D.
1986                                  Richard J. Reed, M.D.
1987                                  Antoinette Hood, M.D.and Evan Farmer, M.D.
1988                                  James H. Graham, M.D.
1989                                  N. Scott McNutt, M.D.
1990                                  W. P. Daniel Su, M.D.
1991                                  Kurt Stenn, M.D.
1992                                  Clifton R. White, M.D.
1993                                  David N. Silvers, M.D.
1994                                  Philip LeBoit, M.D.
1995                                  Daniel J. Santa Cruz, M.D.
1996                                  Hideko Kamino, M.D.
1997                                  Raymond L. Barnhill, M.D.
1998                                  Neal S. Penneys, M.D.
1999                                  George P. Lupton, M.D.
2000                                  James E. Fitzpatrick, M.D.
2001                                  Alan S. Boyd, M.D.
2002                                  Lawrence E. Gibson, M.D.
2003                                  Thomas D. Horn, M.D.
2004                                  Dirk Elston M.D.
2005                                  Joan Guitart, M.D.
2006                                  John Maize Sr.  M.D            
2007                                  Anita Gilliam, M.D..
2008                                  Iftikhar Ahmed, M.D. 
2009                .                 Mark Jacobson, M.D.
2010                                  Beth Ruben, M.D. .
2011                                  Mary Stone, M.D.
2012                                  Lori Lowe, M.D
2013                                  Adam Rubin, M.D.
2014                                  Marty Mihm, M.D.
2015                                  Margot Peters, M.D.



       Past Chairmen, Officers, Moderators, and Panelists


James W. Burks, III, M.D., Founder and Chariman, 1953 - 1978
Herb Christianson, M.D., Co-Director, 1962 - 1983
George A. Farber, M.D., Co-Director and Secretary-Treasurer, 1970 - 1983
Robert G. Freeman, M.D., President and Director, 1984 - 1994
Thomas R. Wade, M.D., Director, 1994 - 1997
Clay J. Cockerell, M.D., Director, 1998 - present

James W. Burks, III, M.D., 1953 - 1966
John Yarborough, M.D., 1966 - 1969
George A. Farber, M.D., 1970 - 1973
Gary R. Brown, M.D., 1974 - 1984
Marvin E. Chernosky, M.D., 1984 - 1994
Lee T. Nesbitt, Jr., M.D., 1995 - 1997
Charles V. Perniciaro, M.D., 1998 - 2003
Marilyn Ray, M.D., 2003- 2008
Tom Davis M.D., 2009-2014

Travis Vandergriff 2015-present


Moderators:                                                                                                                                                            James W. Burks, III, M.D., 1954 – 1978
Herbert B. Christianson, M.D., 1962 – 1993
George A. Farber, M.D., 1973 – 1983
Marvin E. Chernosky, M.D., 1984 – 1998
Lee T. Nesbitt, Jr., M.D., 1984, 1988, 1991 – 2004, 2006-2013
Kenneth E. Greer, M.D., 1994 – 1998
Emily F. Omura, M.D., 1996 – 2000
Jack Lesher, M.D., 1999 – 2000
Marilyn Ray, M.D., 2001 –2008
Ted Rosen, M.D., 2001,2002,2005, 2007
Leonard Gately, M.D., 2003 - 2006, 2008, 2012
Jaqueline Sasaki M.D.  2010. 2011 
Sandra Osswald M.D. 2011- 2015
Travis Vandergrift M.D.  2013-2015
Charles Perniciaro M.D. 2014-2015

Dermatopathology Panelists:                                                                                                                                
Robert G. Freeman, M.D., 1959 – 1996
Richard J. Reed, M.D., 1960 – 1996; 2002 - 2003
Clay J. Cockerell, M.D., 1997 – present
Charles V. Perniciaro, M.D., 2001-2014
Omar Sangueza, M.D. 2002-2003
Tom Davis, M.D. 2004-2005, 2007-present
Mark Cappell, M.D. 2015